Ford is one of America's most popular automakers, and it's easy to see why so many people love their vehicles. Ford has been leading the way in the SUV segment for decades, having produced some of the most popular and iconic SUVs on the road today. At Simmons-Rockwell Ford in Hornell, we have a wide selection of used Ford SUVs that are sure to please shoppers from Bath to Rochester.

What You Can Expect from a Used Ford

Ford SUVs are known for being reliable, affordable, and powerful. No matter what the weather throws at you, a Ford SUV, like a used Explorer or Ford Edge, will be able to get you through it. You'll also love that Fords are reliable vehicles for years, so if you buy one that's used, you can be confident that you'll still have a great vehicle later down the road.

Find Your Used Ford SUV Near Andover, NY

Ford is known for its rugged trucks, but you'll also recognize a lot of their SUVs. For instance, if you're looking for a smaller SUV that will give you a bit more cargo space and allow you plenty of ground clearance, you should take a look at the Escape. This small SUV was first introduced in 2000, and although the body has undergone extensive redesign over the last several years, making it sleeker and more modern, you'll still love all of the Ford features.

If you're looking for an SUV that's a little larger, check out the Explorer. This beauty has seating for seven, which is ideal for many larger families. This SUV has been loved by many since 1990 when it first came out.

And if you need a large SUV, check out the Expedition. It has an eighth seat for when you need to transport half of your kid's soccer team. You can also take a look at the Ford Edge and the EcoSport when you're looking for an SUV to suit your needs in the Wayland, NY area.

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Whenever you're thinking about buying a vehicle, you should take a look at the used Ford SUVs at Simmons-Rockwell Ford. There are enough models to suit the needs of any individual or family, and you'll love the lower price tag of a used model.