There are so many reasons to buy a used Ford truck—the list is practically endless. But don't take our word for it. Below are just a few reasons a Ford pickup might be just what you need to own the road. At Simmons-Rockwell Ford in the Bath area, you can find a great selection of used Ford trucks at an affordable price.


It sounds simplistic at first, but it's true. The sheer size of as used Ford F-Series truck, like the classic F-150 or a Super Duty F-250, offers several benefits including added protection in the event of a collision, having the ability to haul equipment, being able to see other drivers easier on the road, and even drawing attention if that's your thing. All in all, being large certainly has its advantages, and a Ford truck does not disappoint and that regard.


Along with their size, Ford trucks are also very powerful. As such, they can haul things that you would not be able to transport in a sedan or even in an SUV. You can even haul your friends and family if you so desire. No matter your need, Ford truck can get the job done.

Stunning Good Looks

Not the sort of person that loves attention? You might need to get used to it if you intend to purchase a Ford truck. That's because trucks tend to draw a lot of attention, whether you like it or not. The size, color, style, and ability of trucks like the Ford Ranger and F-350 often draw stares around Dansville, Wayland, NY, and beyond. Whatever the case, just be prepared for a little extra attention as you go along your way.

Find Your Next Ford Truck Near Rochester

Need a Ford pickup in your life? We don't blame you. Visit us at Simmons-Rockwell Ford in the Andover, NY area today for a test drive in a used Ford truck!